About Us

About us

VBTC belongs to everyone

The Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) is Vanuatu’s national broadcaster. VBTC broadcasts news, educates, and provides analysis and entertainment to the population of Vanuatu through radio, television and online.

It is the nation’s only emergency broadcaster.

VBTC’s news is made by ni-Vanuatu people, for ni-Vanuatu people. It is a forum for ni-Vanuatu people to express their voices and views on politics, culture and development.

All of VBTC’s platforms, including our online and social media news channels, strive to be independent, credible and honest sources of news and information for the nation.


The origins of VBTC go back to the Radio Vila station, which broadcast during the First World War. From 1966, Radio Vila broadcast from a new transmitter at Malapoa Point, outside Port Vila.

Radio Vila was renamed the Radio New Hebrides Broadcasting Service in 1977, and became Radio Vanuatu at Independence in 1980.

The VBTC was corporatised in 1993 with the intention of creating an entity to generate revenue. The relevant legislation is the Broadcasting and Television Act which comes under the purview of the Prime Minister who is also minister responsible for Broadcasting.

Television Blong Vanuatu (TBV) is Vanuatu’s only national television broadcaster and it began broadcasting news, current affairs and sports in Port Vila in 1993.

In 2009, VBTC expanded its radio broadcasting with the launch of Paradise 98FM, a commercial music and youth oriented station. And in 2019, VBTC launched the Pacific’s first women’s radio station Femme Pawa 99FM, to give full expression to views and stories all ni-Vanuatu people, including women.


VBTC is an independent Vanuatuan State-Owned Enterprise which determines its own editorial and news broadcasts free from all outside influence. VBTC funding is sourced from the Vanuatu Government, international assistance grants and through advertising revenue from Vanuatu Government Departments and commercial advertisers.

VBTC is administered by a Vanuatu Government-appointed board.

Current board members

1. Chairperson – Dr Gregoire Nimbtik ( Director-General Office of the Prime Minister)
2. Director – Mr. August Letlet (Director-General Ministry of Finance)
3. Director – Mr Gerard Metsan (Chief Information Officer OGCIO)
4. Director – Mr John Jack (Deputy Chief Information Officer OGCIO)

Management team

1. Chief Executive Officer – Francis Herman OAM
2. Editor News, CAF and Sports – Mrs. Malonie Albert
3. Executive Producer Television – Mr Rick Malau
4. Executive Producer Radio – Ms Marie-Noelle Kaltack
5. Human Resources Officer – Mrs Lilon Bongmatur
6. Technical Services Officer – Mr Warren Roberts

Contact us

General, advertising and job enquiries

Phone: 22999
Email: admin@vbtc.vu

News and media releases

Phone: 23614
Email: news@vbtc.vu

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