Australia supports Media Association blong Vanuatu

The Australian Government has announced VT8 million to support Vanuatu’s media industry.
Australian High Commissioner Sarah de Zoetan announced the support at a reception organized with Ni-Vanuatu media representatives and journalists at the Australian High Commission office in Port Vila.
The High Commissioner says, “This grant will help provide [media] training and workshops by building up skills.”
“I am very proud supporting the Pacific media through Australia’s Pacific Media Assistance Scheme (PACMAS) and other initiatives such as the the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Douglas Gabb Internship and the Australian Government’s Australian Awards Scholarships,” Mrs de Zoetan said.
In response, the Media Association blong Vanuatu President, Stevenson Liu, says the PACMAS role in the Pacific is important because it has had a positive impact on the skills of the media in Vanuatu.
“I believe the support PACMAS has given is necessary to help our local media association deal with changes it is going through,” he said.
“I am looking forward for a fruitful partnership with PACMAS.”
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