COVID-19: Sanma vaccinates 50 per cent of target population

Around 24,000 eligible people in Sanma Province have now either had their first jab, or are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Health authorities began the vaccine roll-out to adults aged 18 years and over in Sanma at the end of August.

Sanma Rural Health’s Marie France Christian says the turnout has been excellent, particularly amongst front-line health workers, and there has been no serious side effects reported.

“There are a few people in some of the areas we’ve visited who have not yet received their first dose, but we look forward to reaching all eligible people in Sanma,” Mrs Christian said.

The Sanma Provincial Health Emergency Operation Center says there are 33,924 people eligible to receive the vaccine in the province.

Vaccinations are continuing in the northern capital, Luganville, with second doses of the AstraZeneca and Sinopharm vaccines being administered.

Mrs Christian says the Sanma Provincial Health Emergency Operation Center has stopped issuing first doses of Sinopharm and AstraZeneca in Luganville.

But she says the Vulesepe Health Center in South Santo Area One is still delivering first doses of AstraZeneca.

Sanma Rural Health says it has rolled out vaccinations in the rural areas of east Santo, Canal Fanafo and on Malo Island.

“After vaccinations are done in South Santo Area Two, we will target South Santo Area One, Westcoast Santo Area Council, Northwest Santo Area Council, Bigbay Coast and Bigbay Inland Area Councils,” Mrs Christian said.

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