COVID vaccine roll out in Efate rural

A total of twenty-four people got their first COVID-19 vaccine dose during the COVID-19 vaccine roll out for Efate rural early this week.

Shefa Health under the Ministry of Health aims to vaccinate over 8000 people in Efate rural.

The Area Administrator for North Efate, Sylvie Watt, says it is good to see people stepping forward to receive their vaccines.

Timothy Kalnagis, Representative for Vaturisu Council of Chiefs at Paunangisu, says every chief in North Efate and Efate offshore islands has agreed everyone in the area should get vaccinated to keep the population safe from COVID-19.

Mr Kalangis says everyone being vaccinated is critical because Efate is a gateway to other parts of Vanuatu.

“I think it is a must for people on Efate to take the vaccine,” he said.

“If you’re in Efate for a small stay it is a must to take the vaccine because it is important.

“People must understand that if there is community transmission of COVID-19 here in Port Vila, it could be a disaster for us if it spreads to Efate rural.

“We in Efate must help prevent the spread because it will not be good if it spreads to other islands or other provinces because the people of Efate haven’t done their bit to prevent it.”

Mr Kalnagis says when the virus spreads, lockdown happen and disrupt service deliveries.

Shefa Health Manager, Obed Manwo, says there are six mobile health teams who will be stationed at Saupia Health Centre at Paunangisu village in North Efate for two weeks to do the vaccinations.

He says some of the teams will go to the offshore islands of Efate to do vaccinations there.

“We plan for a team to go to Lelepa and Moso island,” Mr Manwo said.

He says one team will go to Nguna and Pele islands, another will go to Emao Island and two other teams will support the main station on Efate at Saupia Health Centre in Paunagisu.

A health team including three doctors is based at Paunagisu which is the main centre for COVID-19 vaccination in Efate rural.

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