High costs on COVID quarantine facilities

The Vanuatu Government expects to spend more than VT 48 million on its COVID-19 quarantine facilities, with half likely to be spent on returning Vanuatu nationals.

The facilities are to be used by public health officials to ensure people entering Vanuatu are kept in isolation.

Len Tarivonda, Vanuatu’s Public Health Director and the COVID-19 Spokesperson told VBTC that the cost of running the facilities varies according to how many people enter the country and are required to go into the 14 days’ quarantine period.

Mr Tarivonda says the government is committed to ensuring the funds are available to pay for the quarantine facilities.

He says that, in addition to the existing facility, the Health Ministry is looking at some hotels in Port Vila that could be used for quarantine purposes. It has identified one hotel with what he says is “a good rate” of VT6000 per night.

Mr Tarivonda says the government expects to spend more than VT 24 million for the quarantining of Vanuatu nationals and residents who return from overseas and need to stay in quarantine for two weeks.

VBTC understands the government has already spent around VT 12 million on quarantine facilities this year.

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