The head of government, Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas has says that sometimes civil servants tend to create other policy decisions, apart from those handed down from the National government.

Prime Minister Salwai, Minister responsible for the public service, made these remarks at today's Public Service Day celebrations in Port Vila.

He continued that the country's constitution clearly defines the roles of politicians and public servants in relation to decision-making.

He said this creates an impression of there being 2 governments within the country, and this slows down work and progress within the country.

He said that there needs to be only one governing body and government and civil servants need to work together to serve the needs of the people.

In a related news,

today the Vanuatu Public Service employees are belatedly celebrating the International Public Service Day, which was the 23 June.

A parade was held this morning with official speeches and activities at Saralana Park.

An exhibition on the different public ministries and offices is also currently underway at the National Convention Centre in Port Vila.