Newly elected Port Vila Lord Mayor, Albert Sandy Daniel, has made his first visit to town's 3 market houses this morning.

The Mayor was joined by Internal Affairs Minster, Andrew Napuat and the town's new councillors.

When they visited the Anabrou markethouse Councillor Ulrich Sumptoh was there to welcome them, at the Seaside markethouse the council's most senior member, Mrs Pascaline Cakau received the delegation and said Seaside Market house has a big area and she applied to Minister Napwat and his delegation to make a stand in sending Mamas from the Handicraft Market house and Marobe to come and sell their products there.

In the downtown central Market house as at the other market houses Minister Napuat and the Lord Mayor thanked mamas and everyone at market house.

Mr Napwat asked all to cooperate together and work.