Police at Lakatoro on the island of Malekula have taken the body of the 4-year-old boy from Ambrym, who recently lost his life in a sea ordeal this week, back home to his family.
VBTC News recieved information from a close relative of the boy, Bule Obed, that the police arrived at Ranon, North Ambrym this morning, on board RVS Tukoro.
The boy has been laid to rest this morning and Mr Obed and the boy's family have extended their sincere appreciation to the Chief and people of Rano island on Malekula who found the survivors of the ordeal and took care of them, giving them food, and taking them to police and to hospital.
Mr Bong continued that information received for the two female survivors is that the 10 year-old boy went missing or most probably drowned just off the coast of Ambrym.
The two girls are still at Norsup hospital recieving medical treatment and will also be returned home as soon as they are well again.