Rehabilitation Work funded by the World Bank, is underway on Vanuatu's three international airports, Port Vila's Bauerfield, Luganville's Pekoa, and Isangel's Whitegrass.

Harrison Toar Luen, who is the project manager of Vanuatu Aviation Investment, has said in a presse release, that the project is in the stage of preparing for and ensuring that the work meets all design specifications under the contract between the Vanuatu government and the contractor, China civil engineering construction coorporation, CCECC.

Mr Luen continued that the work began last month with the contracted engineers and this month the Vanuatu government is working in collaboration with the contractors to engage in an agreement with an independent New Zealand Company, based in Fiji, to certify all material which will be used in the airports' runways.

This is to ensure that the rehabilitation work on is good and strong to ensure that they last.