The supreme Court has decided to hear the case between the Opposition and the Speaker of Parliament with the government this week.

Because of the case urgency of the case which the Opposition has filed, This morning the judge has decided that the Supreme Court will make the case first hearing on Thursday the 29th of November at 9 o'clock in the morning.

The lawyer that represented the Speaker and the government indecided today's conference was Fredrick (KILU)Gilu, who represents the Attorney General and he says at the moment the lawyers are working to prepare for the case hearing.

The Supreme Court Justice, Dudley Aru will be hearing the case.

Following the motion development, The Leader of Opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau has confirmed with VBTC News that the Speaker of Parliament, Esmon Simon has responded yersterday over the Motion of no confidence which the Opposition deposited at the clerk's office saying that the motion is not a matter now since he has decided already that the calling for the extra ordinary session for parliament which the opposition has requested is not in order.

The Supreme court will sit on Thursday this week to hear the case and thus make decisions over the constitutional application which the opposition has filed.