The Council of Ministers has decided not to extend the State of Emergency on Ambae island.
The decision was made yesterday, after the state of Emergency ended Monday 26th of November.
There were 12 points approved by the Council of Ministers.
And it includes, for government to continue to provide assistance with food supplies to the people of Ambae on Maewo and Santo till December the 31st.
For all  Non- government Organisation and other actors to continue to provide assistance based on priorities determined by the government, for  the National Recovery Committee(NRC) to be the National level focal point for Maewo and Pentecost, for the  Ambae Recovery Condition and for the Penama Provincial Government as the Provincial level and area level focal point for Maewo and Pentecost for the Ambae recovery Condition.
The council of Ministers also decided that a multi sector assessment be made on Ambae to look at the current situation, and report back .
The Nasonal Recovery Committee will lead the assessment team, and their timeframe is two weeks.
The Council of Ministers also decided that another  assessment team will be led by the Vanuatu Police Force. 
The team will return to Ambae to conduct assessments, as well as to assist in maintaining security and order.
The assessment team will include officers from Office of the Government Chief Information Officer(OGCIO), Telecom Vanuatu, and Digicel Vanuatu to conduct scoping on the restoration of telecommunication services on Ambae.
This team will also report back to the council of ministers.