Smiles shone on the faces of the Pacific Vocational Training Centre (PVTC) students as they reaped the rewards of years of hard work, study, commitment, and practicals.

Clad in their island shirts and dresses, 28 PVTC students gathered at the Epauto multi-purpose hall on Friday 16 November 2018 to celebrate their graduation. Among the 28 students, 18 students including 1 girl graduated with a Certificate IV in Electrical Engineering (Installation and Maintenance), and 10 students, including 1 girl graduated with a Certificate IV in Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration and Air condition).

During his speech, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PVTC, Mr Joel Toa, has expressed his gratitude towards the Vanuatu Qualifications Authority (VQA) for its open door policy so that PVTC can working closely with VQA team in terms of accreditation of PVTC courses.

 He also introduced the staff of the PVTC. He stated in his speech that he has the honour to recognise the achievements of their students. He says, as he pointing his fingers to the graduates: “Use what you have learnt to help your family, your church, your community, your country”.

 “These students seating here will oneday be the one who bring bread and butter on their family’s table. They also have the ability to start their own business.” says Mr Toa with a great sense of joy and accomplishment. Indeed, these new graduates were not only trained on electrical and mechanical engineering but they also were trained on entrepreneurship and how to make a business plan. Mr Toa said PVTC is privately sponsored but hopes to get help from the government in the future. The graduates not only received their certificates, but also received each a tool kit from the organisation in which they have completed a practical: Iririki Island Resort and also from other organisations such a Melanesian Spearhead Group, Vanuatu National Provident Fund and University of the South Pacific that comes to recognise the PVTC’s great achievements. Donald Manu received the Best Student Award for Electrical Engineering 2018 Paul Allai received the Best Student Award for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2018 Joanik Albert Peter received the Winner of the Melanesian Spearhead Group Annual Best Electrical Engineering Student Award 2018. Rafael Kuhu received the Winner of the Melanesian Spearhead Group Annual Best Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Student Award. Inne Bong and Ester Tom were the only two females graduates each the following respective qualifications: Certificate IV in Electrical Engineering (Installation and Maintenance) and Certificate IV in Mechanical Engineering (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning). They both received Special Incentive Awards for Female Graduates from USP.

The CEO of the VQA made a speech on behalf of the Acting DG of the Ministry of Education and Training who is currently overseas. In his speech, he assures the graduates that “The Prime Minister’s office affirms that the government sees skills development as a key engine of the economic growth of Vanuatu. Without skilled people, Vanuatu could not achieve its economic sustainability.” Pacific Vocational Training Centre PVTC is a private training provider registered with VQA under the VQA Act No.1 of 2014 and is currently deliver the highest accredited qualification delivered in Vanuatu. PVTC’s accredited qualifications are also registered in the Pacific Register of Qualifications and Standards (PRQS). The continuous improvement and commitment on the quality of training delivered by this institution is driven by the institution’s vision which is “To be a role model for the demand-led Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the Pacific region”. They are well on their way. This was the first ever graduation of PVTC since it was established in 2016. The VQA wishes to remind all PSET providers that they are required to be registered with the VQA if they wish to deliver post-school education and training courses. Providers who are still not registered yet with VQA, are urged to contact the Registration Officer of the VQA to get more information on the registration processes. Only registered providers are allowed to deliver accredited courses. About VQA: VQA is a Vanuatu Government statutory organization established by the Act of Parliament [Vanuatu Qualifications Act No 1 of 2014] on 23 June 2014. VQA’s vision is to ensure a well-coordinated and quality assured PostSchool Education and Training (PSET) system that will provide nationally and internationally recognised qualifications that will lead to greater economic and social development opportunities for all.

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