Vanuatu's Ministry of Health has confirmed a dengue case in Port Vila, since last Friday.
The Director of Public Health, Len Tarivonda, confirmed this with VBTC News this morning, when he stated that the patient who was hospitalised last week, is a female Tourist from Finland.
The tourist had contracted the disease when she came through Fiji and the Solomon islands, before arriving in Vanuatu.
Medical staff have quaratined her, to avoid an outbreak which Mr Tarivonda said could arise if she was bitten by the Dengue mosquitoes and the disease transmitted to other people.
Mr Tarivonda said that interventions have begun last week, with Mosquito nets used, informing hotels or guest houses where the tourist stayed while in Vanuatu and spraying of the areas.
He continued that as the mosquito flies within a 2 metres radius, people in Port Vila's Stad area have been told to take necessary measures to ensure the community's safety.
He stressed the importance of taking precautions, such as cleaning their environment and destroying mosquito breeding sites.