Vanuatu's geohazard situation still remains at a state of unrest.
The country's Meteorology and Geohazards departmen has reported that the volcanoes on Ambrym remain at a minor eruption state.
With areas of danger being 2km around Benbow volcanoes crater and 4km around the Marum volcano crater.
As well as this the department has advised that 3km around the area that recently cracked open in southeast Ambrym, during a recent earthquake is also a danger zone.
Observations and analysis of seismic data show that the seismic activity is ongoing even though no felt on the surface.
These activities, according to the department's report, can further expand the cracks on the earth's surface in and around Pamal village in the island's southeast area.
Despite this the department also states that it is unlikely for the volcanoes activity to increase to the moderate eruption state, which is level 4.
AS well as this, the department has also reported that the Gaua volcanoe in the Banks group is also at a minor eruption state or alert level 2.
And it is advised that people including tour operators and tourists stay away from the danger zone which is around the volcano's cone