The Public Land Transport Authority has a discipline process in place to deal with people who break land public transport laws.

This is an issues that is being raised in Vanuatu's urban areas, because it has been noticed that bus drivers do not drop off young female passengers at the appropriate destinations.

VBTC News spoke to the VPLTA Chief Executive officer, Reginald Tabi, and he explained that drivers need to take heed that when they sign and receive their licenses they are obliged to adhere to public transport standards and requirements.

These standards include dress codes, no harrasement and abusive behaviour to passengers or other transport providers.

Any disrespect and lack of upholding the standards will lead to disciplinary actions.

VBTC News spoke to certain members of the public and they all stated that it is time for the public land transport authority to step up and improve transporation services.

Bus drivers also expressed positivity over the new standards and encourage each other to abide by them and work with the VPLTA in its efforts to improve transport services for locals and tourists alike.