Three correctional officers who are based in the high risk detention centre are now under an investigation following an assault made to a 16 year old boy.

Director of the Correctional Centre, Johnny Marango says the three officers will be disciplined following their actions.

He says what the three officers have done, did not reflect the duty of ethics of the Department.

Mr Marango says the department is taking a decision now, for the officers to face disciplinary actions.

Mr Marango confirms to VBTC News that the victim is a minor, that his age is below 18 years and his also a Police Officer's son.

He says the reason behind this incident is that, the victim and his friends were making jokes between each other and the female officers thought they were teasing them.

And for that, the female officer phoned her husband (Who is also a correctional officer) and they assaulted the 16 year old boy.