A Central Reticulated System will be in place in Port Vila CBD to account for the huge amount of bacteria that are being released into the Vila harbour every day.

This is part of the Provision provided by the Public Health Act that was amended last year which also looks at the safe management of the human waste.

Under the Public Health Act amendment of 2018 the Minister of Health, Jack Norris, will have to appoint a Sanitation Board for the implementation of the provision out lined in the Act.

The Director of Public Health, Len Tarivonder, has confirmed that the Minister will soon appoint the members of the Sanitation board and implementations should begin sometimes this year.

“The Central Reticulated System will be one treatment plant where all houses in town will connect to and the act promotes this in all central Business districts,” Said Director Tarivonder.

“Scoping has been conducted to bring in a company to design the Central Reticulated System.”

Director Tarivonder also noted that this will be a very costly exercise and for this reason the Central reticulated system will be a public Private Partnership.

“Once it is designed and approved, in the future we want a company to run the Central Reticulated System as a public Private Partnership because it is a very costly exercise with technical facilities.

“The Minister of Health and the Ministry is urgently acting on fixing the issue of bacteria in the Port Vila water because without fixing the main cause the problem will continue.”

Many Business houses in Port Vila Town still continue to this day to empty human waste directly into the drainage system that leads directly into the sea water.

According to the survey conducted by the Department of water last year, the amount of bacteria found in Port Vila Harbour water is beyond the level of safe.

Thus people were banned from swimming there and the Department of water continues to advice people to stay away from the water.

According to the Director of the Department of Water, Erickson Sammy, it will take a long time before the water could come back to a safe state.

The former Acting Director of Tourism, Donald Pelam, has also advised all tourism operators not to conduct any tourism swimming activities in the Port Vila harbour where the ban has been placed.

As mentioned above the amount bacteria released into the water comes from Human waste through the drainages and the solution will be to divert all human waste system into one Central sceptic system.

It is stated that there is no current proper management of septic’s due to the fact that there was no proper town planning in Port Vila.