The Office of the Maritime Regulator has confirmed it has gathered all information required regarding a local inter island vessel, the Vanuatu Cargo, which made a trip to Ambrym island,  despite a warning given by the maritime authority for ships to refrain from sailing, due to cyclone Oma.
Maritime Regulator's Legal officer, Loyd Fikiasi told VBTC News that the office of the maritime regulator will be taking a strong stand against the Vanuatu Ferry Limited, who owns the Vanuatu Cargo, for no complying to warnings  given by the maritime authority.
Meanwhile, the  Manager of Vanuatu Cargo, Catherine told VBTC News that they are still waiting for the investigations before taking actions on the termination of 12 crew members.
But the Vanuatu National Wokers Union is still persueing strong actions against the company in relation to the termination.
Vanuatu Workers Union has given tomorrow Friday the 15th of March, as the deadline for the company to do something before they start taking actions.
A crew member who was terminated, says this is not the first time,  the ship has ignored the Marine warnings given by the Maritime authorities during bad weather.
This claim was denied by the Vanuatu Ferry Limited management and says the crews were terminated due to other reasons.