The council of Ministers approve a total of 120 million vatu as school fee exemption, for all school children of Ambae and Saot East Ambrym.
This follows disasters, of Manaro eruption in Ambae and the big earthquake in saot east Ambrym.
Council of Ministers approved 75 million vatu for school children in Ambae and 45 million vatu for school children in saot east Ambrym.
Ministry of Education reports the school fee exemption, applied with some criteria.
The criteria states the school fee exemption applied only to parents who lived on this two islands and thus depend on agricultural product to pay for school fees.
This school fee exemption covers fees for primary, secondary and Tertiary institution.
Council of Ministers approve as well for this school fee exemption for term 1 and term 2 of the 2019 academic year.
This decision were approved by the council of Minister's meeting on the 14th of March.