The Government of Vanuatu is looking forward to attend two meetings this year to solve the issue of Matthew and Hunter islands.

Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas says a meeting will take place in France and the other in Vanuatu.

He says now that the negotiation is on going between the two governments, the government of Vanuatu has queries to ask the french government.

Mr Salwai says the main aim now is for the government to ask the French, why it agrees with Fiji, to claim Matthew and Hunter islands, without proper consultations with the people of Vanuatu.

In a related news,

A call has been made for the sons or daughters of every former leaders who fought for Vanuatu's freedom to stand strong.

This call came from the first political advisor of the Ministry of Climate Change, who is also the son of the late Father of Independence, Father Walter Lini, and that is Charles Lini.

He says today the country is talking about the boundary of Matthew and Hunter islands and he reminded every citizen from Vanuatu about a talk from the late Father Walter Lini saying Vanuatu will not get its full sovernity yet, due to some boundaries still in dispute.

Mr Lini says Pacific territories need to work together.

Charles Lini made this statement last friday when chiefs and people carried out a peaceful march on Matthew and Hunter issues.