Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry and Biosecurity strongly advises cattle farmers throughout the country not to deal with any person claiming they collect names for farmers benefiting from the European developement fund 11 or EDF11.
DG Moses Amos send the warning following a list of names, the Livestock department received with explainations stating, a consultant working with farmers collecting names thus submitting to Europe and giving money to farmers and buying cattles.
VBTC News understands some farmers pay fees to be in the list.
A farmer from Efate claims he spends 2500 for deposit.
But DG Amos advices all farmers not to deal with anyone outside the department.
He says the Vanuatu EDF11 programme known as 'Vanuatu Chain Project' has a process to follow before farmers can benefit from it.
The Ministry will be coming out publicly during the end of this month to announce the date which the Vanuatu Value Chain project officially rolls out in Vanuatu.