The people of Maluku island, which is situated between West Papua and Indonesia, performed a custom ceremony yesterday to the government and people of Vanuatu.

The custom ceremony took place at the Chiefs' Nakamal or meeting house in Port Vila.

The United Liberation Movement of West Papua, ULMWP's Chairperson in Port Vila, Pastor Allan Nafuki says that representatives from Maluku island are currently in Port Vila and performed the ceremony which was made to the government, chiefs, churches and civil society.

Pastor Nafuki says the ceremony is to have Vanuatu recognise Maluku and help them also in their struggle.

Maluku will also be working with West Papua as they have a common cause.

After the ceremony there was a signing of a communique.

Following from yesterdays ceremony and signing, a church service was held at the Paton Memorial Presbyterian Church in Port Vila this morning, and a raising of the Vanuatu, West Papuan ULMWP and Maluku flags.