Vanuatu government has agreed to set up a Cannabis or Marijuana industry in Vanuatu operating with a strict guideline.
And government has agreed for a study to be conducted, on which type of cannabis will be planted and how it will be planted.
The government has approved for four government ministries to work on this project, and Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity will take a leading role in this project.
A source within the government says even though applications have been received from interested companies, all applications will be submitted through a tender process and the Central Tender board will finalise five companies to operate under this industry.
The source says there are plans for both the government and land owners to be shareholders in this industry,  if it works.
Government has also reiterated that priorities in this industry are health and safety,  and not money.
Government has given support towards this industry, but there are laws that needs to be considered.