Vanuatu celebrated National women's day today as women leaders strengthen calls for 50% representation in the National Parliament.
Leiasmanu Cullwick, Executive Director of the Vanuatu National Council of women says Women celebrated the 15th of May because this is when women came together in 1980, regardless of their political party and want Unity, Peace and Prosperity.
Women leaders also renew their calls for 50% representation in the National Parliament with panel discussion on why equal political representation is so important to Vanuatu.
Jeanette Lini-Bolenga, Programme Manager for Oxfam in Vanuatu's Goverance, Leadership and Accountability program says Vanuatu needs ni-Vanuatu women in Parliament for the balance to be right.
She says Women and Men should have equal access to the electoral system and citizens have a responsibility to demand that government leaders legislate this important rightfor women.