Acting Chairman of the Parliament standing committee for the economic policy says the committee is inquiring on the challenge, labour mobility scheme is putting on the human resource development of the country.
Member of Parliament, Seule Kalo made this talk yersterday at a Press Conference the community host with the media in the Parliament house.
He says the labour mobility scheme was design for the people who are unemployed but now people employed are joining it.
In another development, Parliamentary standing committee  for the Economic policy has been meeting already.
Acting Chairman of the Parliamentary standing committee for the economic policy , Member of Parliament Seule Kalo says this committee is very important to enquire on economic issues in the country.
He says the role is to inquire on the matters relating to the regulation of economic activity, foreign and domestic commerce, land use, public and state own enterprise, national economic policy, government's budget and the national human resource development.
MP Kalo says committee will get the results and make recommendations to the government.
MP Francoise Chani as a member of the committee says there are parliamentary committees doing their job and stressed that government needs to make use of the parliamentary standing committee.