Vanuatu beach volleyball Coach for (U19) Joshua Toares have received his Certificate in “Community Strength & Conditioning Coach,” form a two weeks Oceania Sports Education Programme (OSEP) course, which have taken place in Suva Fiji last year form the month of September 14th to 16th, 2017.

The Vanuatu beach volleyball coach was not the only one who have attended the course, he was accompanied by another volleyball representatives Primrose. There were also other sports federations representatives in Port Vila that have also attend this OSEP course, there  were Rowing, Swimming , Boxing, Football, Table tennis, netball, Basketball, Hockey in Vanuatu that have attended the 2 weeks training.

Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committees (VASANOC) have ask two representatives of each nine sports federations to attend the two weeks training in Suva, Fiji.

“I want to express my gratitude to the one who made it possible for me and also in trusting me to go and attend this extraordinary two weeks training in Fiji, the President of the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF) Debbie Masauvakalo.”

“It was my first time ever to attend this kind of training which it was so exciting, we have been giving some training based on some courses that we have covered in Fiji. These training shows us how we can build up power and strength of an athlete when he or she is in the field,” said Joshua Toares the U19 Coach of Beach Volley.

There are seven modules altogether that they have uncover during the trainings with the Oceania Sports Education Programme. They were Long Term Athlete Development, Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Prepare to Train Exercises (Anatomical Adaptation), Sport Fitness Requirements (Demands of the Sport), Speed and Sport Specific Conditioning, Planning and Periodisation, Fitness Testing. 

“When I travel to my home island in Central Maewo I help train the little children and also youths in Narovorovoro village to play volleyball. I would like to do the same here in the communities of Port Vila but the only problem that I am facing is that I don’t have the equipment’s to support me in running these volleyball activities.” 

“ I would like to encourage all of us Ni-Vans and other sports federations to continue to support ourselves like a team, we must come down to the same level. We must not always put ourselves at the top of every situations but we must stand up and work together,” said Joshua Toares.