The Vanuatu and Television Corporation(VBTC) has filed an application to the Supreme Court of Vanuatu for the liquidation of Vanuamadia which is currently using VBTC permises.

This comes under the Companies Act no. 3 of 2013, in relation to insolvency and receivership.

VBTC is taking legal action against Vanuamadia because of a number of valid legal issues, one being the fact that some of its high-ranking staff are working in Vanuatu illegally.

The Court will hear the case at 10 am on 21st of May, which is next week.

Legal council, Mark Hurley, has said that any person wishing to appear at the hearing must file an appearance as soon as possible, before the hearing date.

During this past weekend, VBTC as the national broadcaster, removed Vanua madia from air and has asked them to step outside the office and no longer enter the VBTC compound.