Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has touched down on Vanuatu soil.

Vanuatu's Government will be tendering the Vanuamadia Digital Television Limited.

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The newly appointed Parole Advisory Committee that was appointed last friday will hold its first meeting tomorrow.

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison is expected to visit Vanuatu this week.

In Vanuatu, the Wolbaccaeia Pilot Project has seen the satisfactory spread of the good mosquito in the Joint-court and Freshwota areas in Port Vila.

Vanuatu's Department of Education Services is very happy with senior cycle exam results.

Funding is a challenge to disaster, emergency response.

The Police Deputy Commander South has confirmed to VBTC News that in a given year Vanuatu Police Force carry out two operations.

Vanuatu's Minister for Internal Affairs Andrew Napuat has confirmed to VBTC News that investigations into the Mr Price affair, is close to ending.

Vanuatu's Ministry of health has approved to provided minimum health services on Ambae.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has confirmed that the immigrations services has run out of passport books.

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The Malampa provincial government has led a team to the affected area of Southeast Area and they were at Ulei village yesterday.

Vanuatu's Council of Ministers, COM, has still not released any decisions over the volcanic disaster situation on Ambrym.

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Vanuatu's 2019 school year will begin next month.

Vanuatu's geohazard situation still remains at a state of unrest.