The Japanese Government has agreed to assist Vanuatu's Health sector.

Vanuatu will be holding it's 4th National Arts Festival on Lakatoro, Malekula this year.

Drugs shortage in the Vila Central Hospital has raised much concern from citizens, especially patients of Vanuatu's main referal hospital.

The Government of Bangladesh is now working on steps to assist 101 of its nationals who are currently stranded in Vanutu, having entered without appropriate legal documentation.

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New Direct Flight will soon be available to travellers between Port Vila and Lifou island in New Caledonia's, loyalty islands.

PEOPLE on the island of Epi have themselves built an airstrip which will be completed by July this year.

Vanuatu's council of ministers has approved a budget of 185 million vatu to bring 77 nurses from the Solomon Islands to come and work in Vanuatu.

About four in every 10 children in the Pacific are not enrolled in pre-school education, a report by the UN children's agency UNICEF has revealed.

A former Prime Minister says government must consider wisely what the government will be doing on political reform.

The government strongly believes that the fish processing plant on Efate will provide many opportunities for employment of locals.

People from Port Vila and areas nearby using the Vila Central hospital say they are not happy with the services after working hours.

Meat prices increase due to shortages of meat supplies within the country today.

Two newborn babies died right after birth at the West coast of the island of Santo due to no transportation to transport mothers to seek help in the hospital quickly.

Department of Health says Tuberculosis(TB) cases in Vanuatu increase since last year 2018.

Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Christopher Emelee together with his officials launched a new base division for the Public Works Department this week on Sola, Vanua Lava.

Member countries of the commonwealth are in Port Vila this week, to discuss on how small and medium size businesses can tap into the global trade.

Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Forestry and Biosecurity strongly advises cattle farmers throughout the country not to deal with any person claiming they collect names for farmers benefiting from the European developement fund 11 or EDF11.