The Prime Minister's office encourages all ni-vanuatu who are employed with the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation(CCECC), to directly report their complains to the Labour department.

Vanuatu government says there is a need to work together to identify a suitable location to build a national tourism port that will accomodate bigger ships like ovation of the seas.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs, through the Local authority department will be putting out a Councillors Constituency Allocation Guideline.

While flags were flown at half mast, National leaders in Vanuatu paid their last respects to a former Prime Minister in the Parliament complex, yersterday morning.

Vanuatu's Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas has stated that Vanuatu's independence is still incomplete with unsettled boundary issues, with Fiji and France.

In a related story,

Roads in Torba province will soon be upgraded.

Torba province has not received any relief supplies after damages caused by tropical cyclone Oma last month.

Vanuatu joined other countries today to celebrate the World Consumer rights day with the theme 'Trusted Smart products.'

A Platform was launched this morning at Reserve Bank for the financial innovation challenge to help address the issues dealing with loans.

Vanuatu has signed a cooperation agreement with the independent republic of Georgia.

The Opposition leader has given his full support to assist women to become members of Parliament.

The Office of the Maritime Regulator has confirmed it has gathered all information required regarding a local inter island vessel, the Vanuatu Cargo, which made a trip to Ambrym island,  despite a warning given by the maritime authority for ships to refrain from sailing, due to cyclone Oma.

Director General of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Livestock and Biosecurity says its time for all government departments in all ministries to work together.

One of the leading growing bank in Vanuatu, Bank of the South Pacific(BSP) continues to expand its services to the people's door step.

The European Union has placed three countries in the pacific including  Vanuatu, on its tax haven blacklist.

A Supreme court hearing is held this week, for a former senior government official in the Prime Minister's office, Victor Rory.

Vanuatu will join other countries in the world to celebrate the World Consumer day on friday the 15 of March 2019.