The Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation(VBTC) signed a contract this morning with the Ministry of Health to promote health informations to the people of Vanuatu.

Three of New Caledonia's four members of the French legislature have come out strongly against Vanuatu's claim to two uninhabited islands also claimed by France.

Police in Port Vila have confirmed the death of a man in a road accident this morning at Rentabau area on Efate.

Fifteen successful applicants from Vanuatu had the privilege today to be part in a dialogue, with fifteen Australia counterparts.

The Malvatumauri council of chiefs has requested, through the head of state, for chiefly disputes not to enter the formal court, but for government to establish a law to allow for chiefly disputes, to be solved under a customary and cultural system.

Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat has called on the newly appointed Secretary Generals to ensure each civil servant within their provincial administrations must plan, to target areas of priority as identified by each area councils' strategic plans.

Preparations are underway for the Mini Agriculture show which will take place on Emae island from the 18-21 June 2019 with the theme 'grow organic, eat locol, think global.

A Central Reticulated System will be in place in Port Vila CBD to account for the huge amount of bacteria that are being released into the Vila harbour every day.

The Public Service Commission supports the government's Policy on decentralisation, and will make sure a quality service in Vanuatu.

The court will be hearing the case of four men charged with human trafficking of 102 bangladesh tomorrow.

Three correctional officers who are based in the high risk detention centre are now under an investigation following an assault made to a 16 year old boy.

Vanuatu wants another meeting with France at the end of the month, to discuss the issue of Matthew and Hunter islands.

The Royal Australian Navy Ship, HMAS Choules received a warm welcome from the Vanuatu Mobile Force(VMF) band this morning at the Lapetasi Wharf in Port Vila.

Air Vanuatu has suspended flights to Motalava airport  in Torba province and Pele airport on Tongoa island.

Following the increase rate of the Non-Communicable Diseases or NCD's in Vanuatu, the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation(VBTC) arranged for a Medical check up for all of its staff this morning at the VBTC premises.

Vanuatu Police Force through the Trans-National Crime Unit have now completed the investigations on Mr Price.

Director of Public health has confirmed there are health product that are sold in informal markets which are found to be harmful to patients with NCD.

The President's plan to pardon the former member of parliament(MP's) and other detainees after he will consult more with other stakeholder to this matter.