Luggage must go through custom checks

The authorities responsible for repatriated travellers at the Port Vila Airport says Recognized Seasonal Employers (RSE) workers who have been repatriated, must not make false accusations on social media.

This is to respond to comments on social media made by repatriated RSE workers, accusing the authorities of no proper handling of their luggage upon their arrivals at the Port Vila Airport.

A Spokesperson for the Local Authorities says repatriated workers must watch what they are posting on social media and not to make false accusations as Vanuatu is in a State of Emergency.

The Spokesperson who is currently involved with the repatriation flights says the National Disaster Management Office, can authorise the police to arrest anyone who is making false accusations on social media.

“I want to get this message across and make it clear that any goods or items entering Vanuatu, the Customs Department has the full authority to confiscate them for further examination.

“I want to assure everyone that every checks happening at the airport is been watched by police officers,” he said.

The Spokesperson says RSE workers need to understand that they came on an army flight not a commercial flight. There is a difference between these two flights, in an army flight, luggage is thrown into the aircraft and could sometimes broke.

Meanwhile, some RSE workers in quarantine says they have not yet received their luggage and are worried.

The Spokesperson says seasonal workers will get their luggage after their 14 days of quarantine.

He says the repatriated seasonal workers must understand that there are strict COVID-19 measures the officers at the airport have to go through in ensuring that luggage reaches the owners.

The COVID-19 Advisory Team says they will now increase surveillance at the airport.

The COVID -19 Spokesperson, Len Tarivonda, says “With the huge number of RSE workers returning, it is also a huge challenge for health officials to handle and sometimes mistakes can happen to their luggage.”

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