Motion of no confidence against PM

The Vanuatu Opposition this week put forward a motion of no confidence in Prime Minister, Bob Loughman.

The Leader of the Opposition, Ralph Regenvanu, said the motion was put forward because the Government was not showing good leadership.

It is the first no confidence motion made against the Coalition Government since it was elected in March last year.

The Opposition listed its reasons for the motion.

It said the Government had put forward an unconstitutional motion to remove the Opposition from Parliament last year.

It said the Government continued to spend money on its political self-interest during a time of national economic crisis and had failed to promptly provide financial assistance in the form of a stimulus package.

And, it said the Government had failed to discipline its ministers and MPs.

Mr Regenvanu says ten MPs signed the motion of no confidence in the speaker’s office on Monday.

“We have discussed a motion of no confidence many times because we have seen that the leadership of this Government is not improving,” Mr Regenvanu said.

“I believe we do have the numbers to pass it in Parliament.”

The Government has said it will not comment on the motion.

A Government caucus meeting this week, commanded sufficient numbers of MPs to defeat the motion and questioned the Opposition’s ability to pass the motion.

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