Negotiations underway for more COVID repatriation flights

The Vanuatu Government is negotiating for more repatriation flights to bring Ni-Van citizens and residents who are stranded abroad home.

Vanuatu’s Department of Foreign Affairs says the government is still in negotiation with foreign officials and those stranded and is yet to confirm the flight dates for upcoming repatriations.

The Department of Foreign Affairs Director Yvon Basil, says the next repatriation will look at stranded Ni-Vanuatu in Fiji and New Caledonia.

He says Australia will be the last country the government will repatriate Vanuatu nationals and residents from.

VBTC has received reports from the government that negotiations are underway to repatriate seasonal workers from New Zealand and Australia, but government officials have not confirmed these reports.

The first repatriation flight to Port Vila repatriated Vanuatu nationals and residents who had been stranded in the Solomon Islands.

The second flight repatriated those stranded in New Zealand and the third flight repatriated Vanuatu tourist boat crews from the Philippines.

The government has said it plans to finish the first phase of repatriations by the end of June. It will carry out the second phase by the first week of August.




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