New Vanuatu patrol boat gets custom name

The Vanuatu Government has named its newest patrol boat RVS Takuare, which means ‘tribal warrior’, in the language of the Shefa province’s Shepherd group of islands.

The name refers to a custom warrior from the past who assisted chiefs in providing security.

The Vanuatu Government ‘purchased’ the name from Shefa chiefs, in a traditional custom ceremony on Friday, so it becomes a state name.

The Vanuatu Police Force and chiefs of the islands of Tongoa, Buninga, Makira, Mataso, Emae, Tongariki, Epi, Nguna and the Efate Council of Chiefs, Vaturisu, joined the naming ceremony.

The Secretary General for Shefa Province, Morris Kaloran, says the ceremony was a special one as it recognised custom governance.

Deputy Police Commissioner, Kalo Willie Ben, said the name was chosen following requests to the public to come forward with suggestions for a name.

Mr Ben says and the name selection committee chose Takuare because it is a name from a custom system of governance.

The Chief of Buninga Island from the Shepherds Group, Chief Marakitebuninga, says the name of the new patrol boat also translates as “stand up and unite”.

He says the government had to give the new patrol boat an appropriate name that conveyed how it would help “to protect the nation”.

The new RVS Takaure which is a Guardian-class boat donated by the Australian Government, replaces the older RVS Tukoro patrol boat donated to Vanuatu by Australia in 1987.

An official welcoming ceremony will be held on Hat Island at dawn on 28 September and other welcome activities will take place when the new boat sails into Port Vila Harbour.

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