Nine thousand not counted in 2020 census

The preliminary results for the 2020 National Census show that 3.5 per cent of the country’s population was not counted in the survey.

The Director for Statistics, Andy Carlo, says 3.5 per cent of the population represents more than 9000 people who were not included in the National Census.

Mr Carlo says 292,000 people were counted and records are now stored in the Vanuatu National Statistics Office system.

He says if the 9000 people not counted in the census are included – Vanuatu has a population of 301,695 people with a growth rate of 2.3 per cent which is the same growth rate from the last census in 2009.

He says three challenges to the conduct of the National Census led to the discovery of the under-counting.

Mr Carlo says reasons for the under-count included people refusing to participate in the census, a shortfall in logistical arrangements to reach very remote areas; and COVID-19 lockdowns on Efate.

He says his office has been able to add in the members of the population missed in the census using statistical procedures.

Mr Carlo says it is not the first time the National Statistics Office has undercounted the population in a census.

He says the full population has not been counted in every census conducted, but in the recent census the office decided to change its approach and acknowledge the people who were missed.

The Minister for Finance and Economic Management, Johnny Koanapo, officially declared the preliminary results of the 2020 National Census early this week.

People can access the recent census result on the National Statistics Office website.

Mr Carlo says the figures released this week will be further analysed with a final count to be released in October.

He says there could be changes to the current population number but not too many.

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