Parliamentarians to prioritise national interest – Tallis

Vanuatu’s Head of State has urged parliamentarians to prioritise the national interest not their political parties.

His Exellency, Moses Obed Tallis, made this call in a powerful speech this morning to open the first ordinary session of Parliament at Parliament House in Port Vila.

He says progress and development will not happen if Members of Parliament don’t work together and build strong foundations.

“MPs need to find common issues and address them by working together,” President Tallis said.

“We have to look to God in order to carry out our responsibilities,” said Mr Tallis.

The Head of State congratulated all the newly elected Members of Parliament saying it was a very special day for them following their election as MPs.

He added that this is an important year for the country as it marks Vanuatu’s 40 years of Independence.

President Tallis said, “The nation’s hope is on the Members of Parliament.”

He said the majority of the MPs are new and many have worked in different fields such as the law, education, agriculture and medical.

“I trust they will contribute earnestly to the discussions in Parliament,” he said.

President Tallis also outlined what he said were the important priorities for the 12th Legislature to consider and address. One of which was to find ways to build up Vanuatu’s economy that is currently being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The other priority areas to address he said were: unemployment and productivity, business, the environment and competition, climate change, law and order, energy, infrastructure, health, the media, human capital development, integrity, land management and reform, democracy, good governance and more.

President Tallis said the last, 11th Legislature had gone through many challenges dealing with health issues and natural disasters.

He said despite these challenges, the MPs from the last legislature still came together in Parliament to discuss and find ways to address the impacts of disasters, debt payment and had continued to provide stability.

“Therefore, I want to congratulate the former Prime Minister, Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas, for the great stability he has achieved in managing the business of the last Parliament.”

“Our country has come a long way, many developments and challenges came our way but we must thank the Lord for this year 2020,” Mr Tallis said.

“I want to remind you all to put God first in life.”


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