Minister says violence has no place in police force

Vanuatu’s Minister of Internal Affairs says police officers must always show order and discipline.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs, Alatoi Ishmael Kalsakau, made his comments during the graduation of 50 new police recruits at Independence Park in Port Vila this week.

He says brutality has no place in the police force and officers must never be involved in it.

He told the officers not to let their parents down once they walk out of the police college to serve the country.

Vanuatu’s Acting Police Commissioner, Colonel Robson Iavro, presented the new police recruits to the provinces that they will serve in until they finish their one year probation.

Ten of the new police officers who graduated are women and 40 are men. They have been through a six months training.

This is a special group because for the first time all 50 officers passed their final tests.

The new recruits put on a Vanuatu Police Force 2020 display for officials and friends.

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