Proud paddlers: Luganville starts school canoe competition

The Luganville Canoe League has kicked off Santo’s first school childrens’ canoe competition.

Jacques Tronquet, the league’s Events Coordinator, says the league will teach canoeing as a cultural and sports activity.

He says the Luganville Canoe League Committee plans to hold a school children’s competition event every Friday afternoon at the Second Canal.

Mr Tronquet says the Friday competitions will get the children into a regular routine so they will be ready to compete in championships.

“It is good to train regularly so the children have more skills and knowledge on how to use a canoe in the sea,” he said.

“Also, school teachers will encourage their students to attend daily training sessions.

“We will have training five days a week from Monday to Thursday, Friday is game day and training again on Saturday.”

Ms Morsen, a teacher at the Santo East School in Luganville, says she likes the canoeing idea as a sports activity because it is so different from ball and track events.

“Canoeing has not been included in the school curriculum, so this will teach, especially younger children, new skills on how to sail and paddle in the sea,” she said.

“And, it will develop the children’s interest in spending time together.”

Long-time Luganville canoe champion, Rodolph Maltock, has stepped in as a trainer for the canoe lessons.

He says having the kids train every day in basic to advanced classes will keep them fit and healthy.

“I encourage parents to ensure their kids eat well and rest before attending the training,” Mr Raymond said.

“I look forward to training these children because it helps to keep our custom and culture alive,” he said.

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