Radio Vanuatu is the only viable means of reaching the rural poor, 80% of Vanuatu’s population. A strong public broadcaster can facilitate and strengthen improved governance and the delivery of essential services, lack of which is underlying cause of instability.

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By connecting the people of the country with a consistent and better quality radio signal, and through programming more reflective of their needs and interests, the program will help the citizens dispersed across the island archipelago engage with the music, events, history of the whole country, thereby helping to build a national identity and to foster linkages to the state. Given the above, Radio Vanuatu’s vision can be best be summed up as follows:

Building the nation by linking its past to its future and connecting the people to knowledge and to each other

Radio Vanuatu is the only Public Broadcaster broadcasting throughout Vanuatu through.

Radio Vanuatu’s Goal

  • To ensure VBTC’s combined network of radio stations broadcast quality programs that will entertain, inform and educate audiences, while attracting sponsorship and advertising revenue. Provide rural population everywhere with news and essential information. The news & programs must be accurate, balanced & reliable
  • Radio strategy and planning is important to poll radio listeners to keep up- date with listener needs/ views and revise the content and nature or programs. Define problem areas and apply strategies to overcome these issues
  • Give rural people/ grassroot  a voice to be heard and be part of RV.
  • Build close partnership with Government Departments and Peoples Organizations


Target Audience

Radio Vanuatu seeks to provide an essential news, development information, educational and cultural service that connect all peoples of Vanuatu: Rural and island audiences, leaders and opinion makers and children and people who seeks to improve their lives (learning needs)

Radio Vanuatu’s Programming Philosophy

Our approach to programming is committed to encourage the expression by Ni- Vanuatu people of views and endeavors’ that reflects the attitudes, opinions, ideas, values and artistic creativity of peoples of the country’s six provinces. Radio Vanuatu believes that local Vanuatu content plays a key part in reflecting our country’s diverse people and cultures.

Radio Vanuatu Program Genres

  • Provincial & Rural Development News
  • Land & Agriculture
  • Law, Order & Social Justice
  • Health
  • Family Life issues
  • Education
  • Natural Disaster & Weather
  • Arts, Culture & Kastom
  • Finance, Trade, Business & Technology
  • Religion
  • Women’s Issues
  • Youth & Children
  • Talkback Shows
  • Program Sponsorship
  • News, Current Affairs & Sports


In Brief: Radio Vanuatu’s achievements

Local Content:

The restructuring of the program schedule has more inputs of local content than foreign programs. More rural based stories and programs are produced. The issues being discussed covers all sectors as highlighted above. Most of these local programs has a huge impact on the people’s life in terms of educational information and their interactive discussions and opinions through the popular talk back shows.


Radio Vanuatu’s provincial Network:

Over the past seven years, RV has seen the importance of working in partnership with the 6 provinces of Vanuatu. A 30 minutes program is scheduled daily for each province and provincial reporters  work is done on a voluntary basis and these reporters act as ‘ Ears and Eye’ of RV in the rural areas.


ICT Up- grade:

With the IT up grade, networking within VBTC is more faster. The increase numbers of computers/ PCs, makes the load of works lighter and production of programs fast. The usage of the Media platform, enable RV to have quiz completion on air and text in dedications, cheapest way than calling in the studio. The use of Audio Vault and Automation makes work easier and staffs have more time to rest during weekends


VBTC-NDMO Emergency Broadcast studio:

With the financial assistance from AUSAID , through the then ‘Vois Blong Yumi ‘ project, an emergency broadcast studio has been installed at the NDMO office after the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Memorandum of Agreement between VBTC, NDMO and the VMGH department. A basic media training has taken place with the NDMO staff and a practical exercise took place , using the OB Equipment and Broadcast studio during a simulation exercise that took place on June 2013, with RV staff, NDMO & its’ working partners and the VBTC Technicians. The exercise proved that in times of emergency, RV will still play an important role in broadcasting alert messages from NDMO and VMGH department.