Teenagers to be banned from night clubs

The Government is planning to ban teenagers under 18 years of age from entering night clubs.

The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Alatoi Ishmae Kalsakau, says they have prepared a policy paper that will ban teenagers from entering night clubs and bars.

He says the policy states that night clubs and bars must enforce ID rules with entrants having to show proof they are 18 years old or above or they will be banned from entering.

Deputy Prime Minister Kalskau says the policy also reinforces existing regulations which bans young people under 18 years of age from taking alcohol.

He says the Government should sign off on the new policy this afternoon.

“Night club and bar owners will be responsible for enforcing the policy which aims to reduce the number of young people from [consuming alcohol and] entering night clubs and bars,” he said.

Minister Kalsakau says the new policy is being introduced as many people have raised concerns about the numbers of young people, including students, attending night clubs.

Vanuatu’s Liquor Licensing Act (CAP 52 of 1969) clearly states that any person under 18 years must not take alcohol, if they take alcohol, they commit an offence that could see them penalised with a fine of VT10,000.

Any person that sells or supplies alcohol to people under 18 years of age can be fined VT25,000 or can go to jail for three months.

VBTC has sought comments from the public through social media and many of those who responded agreed with the teenage night club ban.

One member of the public, Niro Kapalu said, “In my view, if the Government wants the law to be effective, they must strengthen it by ensuring security is tight at night club entrances.

“If someone wants to enter a night club, they must be made to present an ID at the entrance before they can get inside,” he said.

Another local said, “All night clubs should make a regulation for customers to able to present IDs before entering the night clubs.”

A former overseas seasonal worker also commented, “Many people have died in the country due to alcohol-related issues therefore it is a good stand taken by the Government to stop such activities.”

One young mum responded by saying, “Many young people who are attending night clubs, are still going to school and their attendance at night clubs has influenced them to behave badly.”

“When they go to the night clubs, other issues can arise such as, girls can get pregnant and take drugs while they are still in school. Therefore, it is time the Government stops this from happening.”

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