Vanuatu marks the impact of new technologies

Prime Minister Bob Loughman says digital technologies have the power to improve people’s lives, homes, businesses and even spirituality, if they are used properly.

Opening Information Communication Technology (ICT) Day activities in Luganville this week, Mr Loughman said he also saw digital technologies as a way to deliver better Government services.

“I believe information technology provides a way to achieve the Government’s priorities,” he said.

“If the Government takes the lead, it can boost the private sector’s involvement in developing and achieving a digital transformation in Vanuatu.”

Mr Loughman spoke about the increasing pace and impact of technological change in Vanuatu over the past decade – particularly the way it had made faster communications accessible to the population.

Sanma Provincial Government President, Malmal Langi Tavui and Luganville Municipal Council Mayor, Peter Patty, also spoke at the ICT Day launch.

Mr Tavui told the audience that technology had helped the Sanma Provincial Government deliver its services to the people.

He said electronic devices, systems and platforms had also made it easier for his Government to pass messages and information across its 11 area councils.

“We have seen huge developments in ICT, with the satellite disks set up in remote areas of Sanma Province by 3 Link Communications and Vodafone making communications easier and faster,” Mr Tavui said.

He said next month, the council will start using the zoom online platform for its council meetings so participants would not have to travel to a central location to join the discussions.

The Luganville Municipal Council Mayor said ICT had had a huge impact on the way businesses operated in Luganville Town, particularly in making service delivery quicker and faster.

Mr Patty said improvements in ICT had contributed to the success and development of many local business.

The mayor urged the public to make good use of technology and called on government departments to market more of their products and services online, so the public could access as much information as possible.

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