VBTC now live on Digicel apps

Audiences across Vanuatu can now live stream the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation (VBTC) on Digicel apps.

Digicel Vanuatu Limited has signed an agreement with VBTC to stream Television blong Vanuatu (TBV), Radio Vanuatu, Paradise 98FM and Femme Pawa 99FM on its Go Loud and Play Go apps.

VBTC’s Chief Executive Officer, Francis Herman, says he is proud of the partnership.

He says the agreement is important because it means Digicel users will now get live access to VBTC’s programming and public service information.

“Everyone in the islands using Digicel will now be able to listen to all VBTC television and radio stations including TBV, Radio Vanuatu, Paradise 98FM and Femme Pawa 99FM,” Mr Herman said.
“This is another milestone for VBTC.”

The Chief Executive Officer for Digicel Vanuatu Limited, Deepak Khanna, says the partnership will be a good one for the nation because across the country, many Ni-Vanuatu use the Digicel network to get their information.

Mr Khanna says audiences can now to listen to VBTC’s radio stations: Radio Vanuatu, Paradise FM98 and Femme Pawa 99FM by downloading Digicel’s Go Loud app and can watch Television blong Vanuatu (TBV) by downloading the Play Go app.

He acknowledged the Digicel technical team and VBTC for making the live streaming possible.

The Telecommunications, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulator, Brian Winji, says the streaming of the national broadcaster’s content on Digicel apps is “a dream come true that is very important for the people of Vanuatu”.

“Providing universal access to VBTC information and entertainment fulfills VBTC’s role as the national broadcaster,” he said.

Mr Winji said the streaming of VBTC content on Digicel apps will also help the Government to “share information with the public on developments in national telecommunication and broadcasting”.

He says amendments to the law controlling broadcasting in Vanuatu are currently under consideration as part of a review of the Broadcasting Act and will go before the first sitting of Parliament this year.

He says the regulator hopes amendments to the Broadcasting Act will help to improve universal access to information in Vanuatu so more people can benefit from available new technologies.

Mr Winji says he believes the partnership between Digicel and VBTC will strengthen and grow.

“I want to see other sectors working more closely with VBTC so the national broadcaster’s services reach the people of Vanuatu and achieve the Government’s goal [of having access to information for everyone].”

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