The Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation (VBTC) has embarked on a comprehensive Reform Program to rehabilitate the national broadcasting service and transform it into a vibrant, trusted and reliable source of information and entertainment for the people of Vanuatu.


Our goal is to produce more relevant, compelling and interactive content across multiple platforms. We aspire to create a better informed public opinion by keeping the ‘public interest’ at the core of our operations. Service before self is our motto!


To help us achieve these aspirations, we’re searching for highly motivated and suitably qualified candidates wanting to be part of a progressive and innovative team of broadcasters. You will be challenged to adapt to a new work culture that encourages best practice and champions exceptional customer service. You must have the courage to maintain exemplary work ethics and professional broadcasting standards.


We seek innovators who embrace the digital technology to revitalise Vanuatu’s broadcast media industry. We remain committed to developing the capacity of Ni Vanuatus and will offer an extensive professional development programme that supports their growth in knowledge, skills and experience.


VBTC is an Equal Employment Opportunity workplace and has a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment and discrimination on the basis of gender, ethnicity or disability. All successful candidates will need to secure a recent police clearance including a Working with Children Check before taking up employment with VBTC.




We are looking for a Head of Broadcast Content to oversee VBTC’s radio, television and online content including its news, current affairs & sports programmes. This position is a member of the Executive Leadership Team and responsible for the research, production and delivery of innovative, relevant and compelling broadcast content. The role reports directly to the CEO. You’ll have to be extremely proficient in all facets of broadcast content and maintain control of a diverse content base in the Bislama, French and English languages. We expect you to be an experienced and proficient content-maker. You will keep abreast of trends to provide strategic advice to the Board of Directors and the CEO. If you also have excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics, we’d like to meet you. The goal of the position is to ensure we create and/or source high quality content relevant to the people of Vanuatu. The ideal candidate must have an entrepreneurial mindset and great leadership skills with a strong commitment to editorial independence and public service broadcasting.


The Role

Oversees all content initiatives across multiple platforms. This individual is an expert in all things related to broadcast content and collaborates with internal and external stakeholders.


Key responsibilities

  1. Ensure all VBTC broadcast content is consistent with our brand in terms of programme policies, style, quality and tone of voice, and optimized for user experience for all channels of content including online, social media, mobile, video, radio and television;
  2. Lead and build a team of content makers to create content that is relevant, compelling and unique to Vanuatu;
  3. Forge a network of strategic partnerships with local and offshore content providers;
  4. Map out a content strategy that supports and extends marketing initiatives, determining which methods work for the brand and why;
  5. Gather data and handle analytics (or supervise those who do) and make recommendations based on those results;
  6. Work with owners of particular content to revise and measure particular content and marketing goals;
  7. Develop standards, systems and best practices (both human and technological) for content creation, distribution, maintenance, content retrieval and content repurposing;
  8. Leverage market data to develop content themes/topics;
  9. Establish work flow for requesting, creating, editing, publishing, and retiring content;
  10. Work with the technical team to implement an appropriate Content Management System (CMS);
  11. Write and submit reports to the Board and CEO when requested or required;
  12. Assist the CEO when requested and/or required;
  13. Manage relationships with internal/external strategic partners and vendors.


Key Requirements

  1. Proven editorial skills with outstanding command of the Bislama, English and/or French languages;
  2. Training in how to tell a story using words, images, or audio, and an understanding of how to create content that draws an audience;
  3. Ability to lead and inspire large teams of creative personnel and content creators to achieve VBTC’s stated goals.
  4. Demonstrated skills at both long-form content creation and real-time (immediate) content creation and distribution strategies and tactics.
  5. The ability to think like an educator, intuitively understanding what the audience needs to know and how they want to consume it.
  6. A passion for new technology tools and usage of those tools within our blogs and social media outreach. Social DNA a plus!
  7. Clear articulation of the business goal behind the creation of content.
  8. Leadership skills required to define and manage a set of goals involving diverse contributors and content types
  9. Project management skills to manage editorial schedules and deadlines within corporate and ongoing campaigns. Ability to work in a 24-hour project cycle-utilizing teams or contractors in other countries.
  10. Familiarity with principles of marketing (and the ability to adapt or ignore them as dictated by data).
  11. Excellent negotiator and mediator.
  12. Incredible people skills.
  13. Basic technical understanding of HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java, web publishing, Flash, etc.




We seek an experienced Head of Commercial to add value to our growth activities by identifying new commercial opportunities and managing marketing efforts. You are a member of the Executive Leadership Team and responsible for all commercial and marketing operations. The role reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). You will keep abreast of trends and market conditions to provide strategic advice to the Board of Directors and the CEO. The ideal candidate must have an entrepreneurial mindset and great leadership skills. You should also be a creative strategist with excellent organisational abilities.  


The Role

Develop and implement commercial strategies to accelerate revenue growth that lead to sustainable growth. It involves conducting market research and analysis to create detailed business and marketing plans on commercial opportunities.


Key responsibilities

  1. Develop and implement commercial strategies according to company goals and objectives aiming to accelerate growth
  2. Conduct market research and analysis to create detailed business plans on commercial opportunities (expansion, business development etc.)
  3. Understand the requirements of existing customers to ensure their needs are being met
  4. Act to acquire new customers and manage client relationships (new and existing)
  5. Collaborate with and coordinate diverse teams (marketing, sales, customer service etc.)
  6. Build and maintain profitable partnerships with key stakeholders
  7. Monitor performance of commercial activities using key metrics and prepare reports for senior management
  8. Assist in setting financial targets and budget development and monitoring
  9. Write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance
  10. Assist the CEO when requested and/or required
  11. Manage relationships with internal/external strategic partners and vendors


Key requirements

  1. Proven experience in a senior commercial or other relevant role
  2. Proven experience in sales and/or marketing and managing relationships with key clients
  3. In-depth understanding of market research methods and analysis
  4. Solid knowledge of performance reporting and financial/budgeting processes
  5. Commercial awareness partnered with a strategic mindset
  6. Excellent organizational and leadership skills
  7. Outstanding communication and interpersonal abilities
  8. Tertiary qualification in business administration, finance or relevant field.




We seek a Chief Operating Officer to oversee VBTC’s ongoing operations and procedures. You are a member of the Executive Leadership Team and responsible for the efficiency of business. The role reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). You’ll have to maintain control of diverse business operations, so we expect you to be an experienced and efficient leader. You will keep abreast of trends to provide strategic advice to the Board of Directors and the CEO. If you also have excellent people skills, business acumen and exemplary work ethics, we’d like to meet you. The goal of the position is to secure the functionality of business to drive extensive and sustainable growth. The ideal candidate must have an entrepreneurial mindset and great leadership skills.


The Role

Designing and implementing business operations and establishing policies that promote the Corporation’s culture and vision. The role oversees the Finance/Administration, Human Resources and Technical Services departments.


Key responsibilities

  1. Design and implement business strategies, capital development plans and administrative procedures
  2. Set comprehensive goals for performance and growth
  3. Establish policies that promote VBTC’s new corporate culture and vision
  4. Oversee daily operations of the finance, administration, human resources and technical services departments
  5. Lead employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication
  6. Evaluate performance by analysing and interpreting data and metrics
  7. Write and submit reports to the CEO in all matters of importance
  8. Assist the CEO when requested and/or required
  9. Manage relationships with internal/external strategic partners and vendors


Key requirements

  1. Proven experience as Chief Operating Office or relevant role
  2. Understanding of business functions such as Human Resources, Finance, and asset management
  3. Demonstrable competency in strategic planning and business development
  4. Experience in project planning is a distinct advantage
  5. Working knowledge of data analysis and performance/operation metrics
  6. Working knowledge of IT/Business infrastructure and MS Office
  7. Outstanding organisational and leadership abilities
  8. Excellent interpersonal and public speaking skills
  9. Aptitude in decision-making and problem-solving
  10. Excellent written and oral skills in Bislama and/or French along with English.
  11. Tertiary qualifications in either business administration, finance, operational management or relevant field.




We are looking for an experienced, reliable and task-oriented Executive Administrative Assistant to work on a variety of tasks related to the Executive Leadership team’s working life and communication. The candidate will also be Secretary to the VBTC’s Board of Directors. The ideal candidate must be highly self-motivated, professional, and capable of managing their workload and prioritising tasks in a fast-paced corporate environment. This is an excellent opportunity to be part of the re-birth of Vanuatu’s national broadcasting service.


The Role

Provide personalised secretarial and administrative support in a well-organised and timely manner to the Executive Leadership Team to ensure efficiency in the organisation.


Key responsibilities

  1. Act as the first point of contact between the Executive Leadership Team and internal/external clients
  2. Coordinate executive communications, including taking calls, responding to emails and interfacing with clients
  3. Prepare internal and external corporate documents for the Executive Leadership team
  4. Schedule meetings and appointments and manage travel itineraries
  5. Develop and maintain an organised filing system of paper and electronic documents
  6. Uphold a strict level of confidentiality
  7. Develop and sustain a level of professionalism among staff and client


Key requirements

  1. Proven experience as an executive administrative assistant, senior executive assistant or in other similar position
  2. Full comprehension of office management systems and procedures
  3. Excellent knowledge of MS Office
  4. Proficiency in written and spoken Bislama, French and English
  5. Exemplary planning and time management skills
  6. Up-to-date with advancements in office gadgets and applications
  7. Ability to multitask and prioritise daily workload
  8. High level verbal and written communications skills
  9. Discretion and confidentiality 
  10. Tertiary qualifications in a relevant field will be a distinct advantage


The above positions offer a three-year fixed term contract with renewal subject to a successful performance review. A competitive remuneration package commensurate with your experience and relevant qualifications is offered. It includes a base salary, superannuation, medical insurance, a monthly transport and communication allowance, and, an annual bonus payment based on exceeding approved individual and company targets. Further details of the remuneration package will be discussed with candidates shortlisted for an interview.




We also invite Expressions of Interest (EOI) from interested individuals for a range of other key positions. We are looking to recruit a mix of both experience and raw talent. We will invest in developing that talent into highly skilled specialist broadcasters. Our goal is to build the next generation of Vanuatu’s broadcasters.


If you want to be part of that next generation of broadcasters, please express your interest by applying for the following positions. Shortlisted applicants for these positions will be required to go through a skills test to gauge your suitability and competency for the position(s). Depending on what position you apply for, you may be required write a news story, read a radio script or even host a television or radio programme.




  • News & Sports


  1. Editor News & Sports
  2. Senior Journalists
  3. Journalists
  4. Provincial Correspondents (Malampa, Penama, Tafea & Torba)
  • Radio


  1. Executive Producer Radio
  2. Producer/Presenter Radio Vanuatu
  3. Video DJs Paradise FM
  4. Producer/Presenter Studio 5 North
  • Television


  1. Executive Producer Television
  2. Producers & Assistant Producers
  3. Video Editors
  4. Camera crew
  5. Presenters


  • Multimedia


  1. Multimedia Editor
  2. Website & Social Media
  3. Archives/Library


  • Finance & Administration


  1. Finance & Administration Officer
  2. Finance Assistant (Accounts Receivable)
  3. Finance Assistant (Accounts Payable)
  4. Transport & Maintenance
  5. Front Office


  • Technical


  1. Senior Technical Officer
  2. Studio Technician
  3. Transmission Technician


  • People & Learning


  1. Human Resource Officer
  2. Information Technology Officer


  • Commercial Division


  1. Marketing & Promotions Officer
  2. Commission Sales Agents (Port Vila)
  3. Commission Sales Agents (Luganville)
  4. Commission Sales Agents (Tanna)
  5. Copy and creative writers/producers



Please send your applications via email and addressed to:


The Chief Executive Officer

Vanuatu Broadcasting & Television Corporation

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Please include the following in your application:


  1. Your biodata relevant to the position;
  2. The name, position and phone/email details of three (3) referees - two of which must be people who can tell us about your professional work experience or your character;
  3. A 200-word statement on why you want to be part of Team VBTC.

Applications close at 4.30pm on Wednesday 03rd January 2018. Any applications received after this deadline will NOT be considered.


For further information or clarifications please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.