Radio Vanuatu

Radio Vanuatu

Vois Blong Yumi

Radio Vanuatu hem i fran-laen stesen blong VBTC.

Hem i karem tugeta ol odiens akros Vanuatu wetem ol leites nius blong nasonal mo intanasonal isiu, spots, weta, sosol mo karent afea, kalja mo tok-bak sho. Hem i stap olsem emejensi brodkasta blong kantri.

Radio Vanuatu hem i kat wan long taem mo praod histri. Stesen ia hem i stat blong brodkas olsem Radio Vila long 1966 mo i jenj ikam Radio Vanuatu long Independence long 1980. Hem i brodkas long shot weiv, midium weiv mo FM long Bislama, nasonal lanwis mo long tufala lanwis blong Enklis mo Franis.

Tim blong mifala

Marie Noelle Kaltack

Executive Radio Producer. Manages radio vanuatu 98FM and femme pawa 99FM.
Responsible for the french hour on radio vanuatu from 1:30pm to 2:30pm —–Alliance Francaise Bonjour.
-Un Petit Cafe Avec George Cumbo.
-Alliance Francaise Bonjour avec Emma Dechamps.

Jeneza Moli

Hosts the dynamic “Gud morning Vanuatu” Show from 5am-9am on what is trending in Vanuatu. She coordinates and works closely with our provincial reporters with the “Vois blong province” Program that broadcasts from 8.30pm-9.00pm on weekdays. She presents news on TBV and works on Saturday weekend shift from 5am-12pm. Every 3 months she rotates between the breakfast and night show with Timothy Makekon. She hails from the island of Pentecost.

George Worworbu

Highlights issues and developments that revolves around the livelihood of Ni Vanuatu people in the “Vanuatu Laef” show from 9am-1pm. VBTC’s lively anchor during the official broadcast of the National parliament of Vanuatu. Co-hosts the health talkback show with Dorinda Mabon on health matters. Weekend on- air on Sundays from 5am-12pm. He comes from Ambrym with maternal links to the island of Tanna.

Hao blong lisin

Short Wave

0530-0900 AM 3945 khz

0900-1130 AM 5040 khz

1130-1730 PM 7260 khz

1730-2200 PM 5040 khz

Medium Wave

1125 KHZ


100 MHZ

Timothy Makekon

originates from the island of Ambrym. Our famous night host of the “Tedei Sava” Show from 5pm-10pm. He reports on the productive sector program and takes turn with Jeneza Moli to host the “Gud morning Vanuatu Show”. Sits in during the weekend show on Saturdays from 5am-12pm.

Joana Boulekone

our youngest presenter in the afternoon “Yumi Storian” broadcast from 1pm till 5pm. Produces our daily English program of “ Today’s society” on weekdays from 2.30pm-3.30pm. Our weekend Sunday program announcer who coordinates and liaises closely with church and religious personals for their content delivery. Weekend on- air on Sundays from 5am-12pm. She is from Pentecost with ancestral roots from the island of Erromango.
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