Torba i pripea from 40 aniversari blong Independence

Seven eria kaonsel blong Torba i stap pripea from Independence selebresen blong Vanuatu.

VBTC ripota long Torba provins, Edgar Howard i talem se ”Spirit blong selebratem 40th aniversari blong Independence blong kaontri hemi stap kerap naioa.”

Hemi talem se “Provincial kavman i sapotem selebresen blong laved blong Independence wetem VT200,000 mo i ko long sapotem ol komiti blong selebresen.”

“Sam eria long Torba, ol man i stap bildem ol stol blong selebresen vinis,” hemi talem.

“Mo tu sam knock aot kompetisen blong spot i stat vinis long sam ples.

“Bae i kat ol different activiti blong highlaetem selebresen blong yia ia .”

Mr Howard i talem long VBTC se “Bae i kat selebresen long ol aelan blong Torres mo Banks.

Hemi talem se “Long Torres aelan bae selebresen i stap long Loh aelan mo bae ol nara seven aelan blong Torres i kam tugeta blong selebrete,” hemi talem.

Mr Haward i talem se selebresen blong Independence long ol Banks aelan bae i stap long Ureparapara, Motalava, Vanualava, Mota, Gaua mo Merelava.

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